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Hi, Let me tell you about myself!

Hi, I am writing from home this time instead of my grandparents’ house. I live in Wisconsin. I also live in the countryside on a farm.

I also like American Girl doll things. I made a whole entire school set for her from scratch. The doll I have is Samantha Parkington.

I also like dollhouses and miniatures. I like making tiny things too.

For some odd reason I also like Barbies and Play-Doh.

I like cats too. I have around thirty of them. I don’t have names for all of them though.

My favorite channels on YouTube are Troom Troom, 7 Second Riddles, Mixiepixie7, Little Kelly, Magic Box, Sis vs Bro, and elliev toys.

That’s all I really have to write about right now so bye!



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