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AG Advent Calendars

Okay. I know it’s not Christmas anymore but I had this idea for a while now and forgot to post it on my blog. Besides, if you’re reading this around Christmas or are pretending it’s Christmas for your dolls, then I guess this post is fine. Samantha is “writing” this post today.

Hello, this is Samantha! Today, I’m going to tell you what we did for advent calendars! These will definitely keep you and your doll excited for the holidays!

1. Colorful Envelopes (I used this one)

Gather up some AG-sized colorful envelopes/envelopes colored on, washi tape, stickers, pom-poms, and stamps, and use mini push-pins to stick them onto a piece of corkboard. Number each envelope and place a small treat or a slip of paper with a fun holiday-themed to-do inside. Save the candy for the last few days, because otherwise, if it’s not candy, your doll might be disappointed if they got candy before then.

2. Stacked Up (Blaire and Emerson used this one)

Convert small old boxes, wooden drawers, and small tins into a fun count-down calendar. Fill each can and box with a Christmas treat, and then paint them with red, orange, and with stripes. Use number stickers to attach to each of the boxes and cans, then stack on your doll’s desk.

3. Countdown Calendar (Melody and Julie used this one)

Recycle some toilet-paper tubes into this snowy Christmas countdown.

What you’ll need: 12 cardboard tubes, paint, snowflake stickers, piece of corkboard, tape, mini clothespins, yarn, marker

Make it: Cut each toilet-paper tube in half. Tape one end of your tubes shut. Then paint your tubes white and let dry. Put a snowflake sticker on each tube. Write numbers on your tubes with a blue marker. Wrap yarn around the corkboard and tape the ends in place—-make rows to fit all the days. Using mini clothespins, hang all the tubes onto the yarn.

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