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Which Quarantine Character are You?

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while. My laptop broke and we had to fix it. Don’t worry! I’ll be trying to post at least once a week. Maybe more! Anyways, our life has been kind of crazy lately with the coronavirus shutdown. This is going to be a famous moment in history someday so that’s why a lot of people are journaling right now.

Types of Quarantine Characters:

The Quarantine Gala is showing off her looks for the coronavirus like stylish masks.

The Tik Toker is making a lot of tik toks of her dancing in her free time. My parents don’t let me have a phone or social media, sadly 😦 .

The Gamer is buying and playing games before they are sold out. In fact my family bought one of the last Nintendo Switches in stores because my little brother, Eiv, age 3, threw our old one on the floor because he was angry.

The Snacker is always hoarding snacks and relaxing because they don’t have to wrk or go to school.

The Business Casual is always working for their job even though almost everyone else is freaking out right now.

Post in the comments which one you are. I think I would be the gamer but my parents only let me blog, not play video games, on the weekdays.

Thanks for reading!


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